What is Alluvie

Alluvie is a software development firm that offers a trading strategy design platform for investors to help them overcome the financial markets’ traps and hurdles.
We are providing a investment management platform that gives access to tools to create advanced investment strategies. We offer a portfolio and trading strategy designer which allows you to test ideas in minutes and without having to code or worrying about the data.
The platform that we have designed goes way beyond what is currently available on the market in terms of strategy design possibility or in terms of assets on which you can test your strategies. We also have developed tools not only to manage individual assets but also to backtest complete portfolios and have a global strategy.
As a final step, we take away the tedious bit of managing portfolios by offering the list of orders that needs to be executed according to your strategy.

With Alluvie you can:

Explore financial data from thousands of assets all around the world.
Build any trading strategy you have in mind within minutes in an interactive editor with rich functionality.
Test your strategies on any assets you want
Go beyond assets and test your strategy on portfolio to see if your strategy holds.

What if you don't wanna build trading strategies?

Don't worry Alluvie is here for you! We have a dedicated research team with one job: build the most profitable trading strategies possible. We perfectly understand that the vast majority of non-professional investors do not have the beginning of a strategy in mind when they start their investments. One of our priorities is to guide the users on their path.