Build a trading strategy

On Alluvie we give you access to a platform where the only thing you need is an idea. You need to be able to write it on paper in a form of a formula. Let's have a theoretical example; imagine that you have a technical indicator and you want to derive a trading strategy from it. Let say:

if technical_indicator < 30 then buy 
else if technical_indicator > 70 then sell

Once you have these rules in mind you need to think about how to transform them into signals, meaning when do I buy or sell? The easiest way here is to say: if the technical indicator breaches level 30 and goes below 30 I buy and I will sell when the technical indicator breaches level 70 and goes beyond.

if technical_indicator d-1 > 30 and technical_indicator d < 30 then buy
if technical_indicator d-1 < 70 and technical_indicator d > 70 then sell

Now you are ready to create your first trading strategy on Alluvie.

Here you will have access to all your strategies and also all the strategies that Alluvie has created for its users.

The option is when a technical indicator is composed of multiple outputs such as the Bollinger Bands. In this case, you will have to choose the technical indicator and the output you want to use. Finally, the shift is here to symbolize the shift in days. If you need d-1 then you will put a shift of -1.

In the end, you should have a BUY formula as follows:

Repeat the same procedure for the SELL formula.

If you want to modify something in your strategy, click on the Modify action on the left. For example, here I modified the name of my strategy. You can also duplicate your strategy or delete it.

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