Candlestick charts are used to encapsulate five information at the same time: the open, the high, the low, the close, and the direction of the price between two points in time. The color of the candlestick will define if the price drops or increase during the time interval.

One of the coolest things with candlestick is that people around the world have found patterns thanks to candlestick representation. Each pattern has an interpretation and can lead to trades. Here is the list of candlestick patterns that you can use within Alluvie platform:



Two Crows

Three Black Crows

Three Inside Up/Down

Three-Line Strike

Three Outside Up/Down

Three Stars In The South

Three Advancing White Soldiers

Abandoned Baby

Advance Block



Closing Marubozu

Concealing Baby Swallow


Dark Cloud Cover


Doji Star

Dragonfly Doji

Engulfing Pattern

Evening Doji Star

Evening Star

Up/Down Gap Side By Side With Lines

Gravestone Doji


Hanging Man

Harami Pattern

Harami Cross Pattern

High-Wave Candle

Hikkake Pattern

Modified Hikkake Pattern

Homing Pigeon

Identical Three Crows

In-Neck Pattern

Inverted Hammer


Kicking - Bull/Bear Determined By The Longer Marubozu

Ladder Bottom

Long Legged Doji

Long Line Candle


Matching Low

Mat Hold

Morning Star Doji

Morning Star

On-Neck Pattern

Piercing Pattern

Rickshaw Man

Rising/Falling Three Methods

Separating Lines

Shooting Stars

Short Line Candle

Spinning Top

Stalled Pattern

Stick Sandwich


Tasuki Gap

Thrusting Pattern

Tristar Pattern

Unique 3 River

Upside Gap Two Crows

Upside/Downside Grap Three Methods

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