To visualize data on an asset you just have to select the asset in the dropdown list on the left of the interface:
Let’s take the example of Adidas.
The overview interface will give me access to general information about Adidas: the country where the company is settled, the sector, the currency of the asset, the ISIN code (which is an international code), the industry in which Adidas is operating, and a description of its activity.
General Information of the Asset
You can also find the performance of the asset over the past years. The past performances are calculated on the adjusted close to avoid taking into account the dividend of the asset into account which has an influence on the asset price.
General Performance of the Asset
Finally, you can see the graph of the price in a candlestick format
Candlestick Chart of the Asset Price
If you don't know what is candlestick you can learn more about it here.
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