Trading strategies
Finally, the explore interface gives you access to trading strategies performance on specific assets. The goal here is to investigate the performance at the asset level. You can select multiple trading strategies to compare their performance.
To Visualize the trading strategies performance you first fill up the parameters:
Trading Strategies Parameters
You have to choose the trading strategy you want to see and the direction. The direction corresponds will be BUY don’t want to include short selling, SELL if you want only the short selling and both if you want to see both select both. If you need more information on Short Selling Please go here. Once you fill up the parameters you get the performance of each strategy you’ve selected
Trading Strategies Performance Visualisation
In the case, you want to visualize a trading strategy you have built yourself you need to calculate the performance prior to visualize them.
To have more details on that please go to the trading strategy section of the docs here
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