Backtest your portfolio

The backtest interface gives you the opportunity to analyze in detail how the portfolios you've created have performed over the past years.
The portfolio backtest interface needs three arguments:
the portfolio you want to analyse
the starting date of the analysis
the ending date of the analysis
Once you've set up these parameters you will be able to see several informations:

General Information


The performance block helps you compare the performance of your portfolio against the benchmark. You can see very quickly how did your portfolio perform over the past years.


Risk block helps you to complete your analysis to go beyond the pure performance of your portfolio. it helps you to see for example if your portfolio was volatile or if the performance was only good because all the components of your portfolio were doing ok etc.
If you want more information on each of these risks indicators please click here. In the near future, we will add new risk indicators and you will be able to create your very own risk indicators.

Winners & Losers

This block gives you the best and worst-performing assets within your portfolio between the start and end date you have selected.