Test a trading strategy
To test your strategy you have two options: either you test your strategy on a bunch of assets or you can build a portfolio and attribute the strategy to the portfolio. The idea behind attributing the strategy to a portfolio is that every asset of the portfolio will have orders coming from the strategy.
To test your strategy on individual assets, click on Select Assets.
If you select an Index you will have the choice to test your strategy on the index or on each asset that compose the index. For example, if we choose the French CAC40 index,
I will have the choice to put all the assets that compose the CAC40 Index by clicking on All the Components
Once you've added all the components you want to test your strategy on. Just click on Calculate. You will be able to see the progress of the calculation on the interface Calculation.
Once Calculations are finished you can go on Trading Strategies to visualize how the strategy has performed.
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